My Book – He Is the Word

My book was published within six month after sending it to countless publishing company’s. Poetry is a hard sale, especially when it is Christian poetry.  The last publisher that was on my list sent me another rejection.  I was about to give up, but God keeps His promises and He inspired me to write poetry and then again to publish the book.  Two months later I heard back from the same publisher, and a very odd thing happened. The letter stated that they had changed their mind and decided to give my book the chance that it deserved.  When I am asked how I published my book, I tell them it was a “God thing.” So I consider my web site and my book, that has a compelling testimony, to be my ministry. My poems are all inspired for the purpose of teaching God’s Word.

Publish America’s press release below summarizes the contents of my book.

PublishAmerica Presents He Is the Word by Estelle P. Shrum

Frederick, MD October 6, 2006 —  A local Jacksonville westside resident gets her book published by PublishAmerica, LLLP.  Getting a book published today without self-publishing is against all odds.  Especially when the material is Christian Poetry.  He Is The Word  by Estelle P. Shrum is a book of Scriptural poetry that answers Biblical questions and tells a story in simplistic poetry so the reader can understand the truth of God’s Word, the Holy Bible.

All her poems are quoted from Scripture so the reader will know that the Lord has blessed her with this gift to share His Word. Her ministry through her web site, is to get  80% of the people in America who claim to be Christians to get to know God on a personal relationship. Believing comes from hearing the Word of God; and her ministry is for everyone to read the Bible. Her personal testimony is compelling and speaks of the many trials and tribulations she has over come to reach a moment when God spoke to her.  Today the world we live in is not only unpredictable but evil prevails, evil means sinful.  It is the opposite of Godliness which means having great reverence for God. He Is The Word gives the history of the Old and New Testament.  If you want to read a book that is full of inspiration, Biblical education, and how to be assured of your salvation; then this book will be a spiritual journey and a substantial publication.   He Is The Word  is available through, and through 15,000 bricks and mortar stores.Authors proceeds will be donated to the American Bible Society.