Ten Reasons Why Corruption of the Texts was Impossible Beofre the Time of Muhammad

1. Since before the time of Jesus, the Jews regarded the books of the Old Testament as the Word of God. Since the days of the Apostles, the Christians regarded the books of the Old and the New Testaments as the Word of God.

2. Christians and Jews were spread throughout the world with their texts. They had no opportunity to gather all the texts and change them or destroy all the others.

3. There were to many copies of the Biblical texts in circulation to change.

4. The texts were in too many different languages for a change to be made.

5. Christians and Jews were hostile to each other.

6. Differing sects among Christians and Judaism would have disagreed with mainline groups for any alterations.

7. The Jews have never accused Christians of changing the Old Testament text. In the first six centuries of existence, no one accused the Orthodox Christians of corrupting their texts.

8. There is no motive or reason to explain why the Jews or Christians would want to change their texts to the degree it would take to agree with Muslim assertions.

9. Jesus himself held the Old Testament to be without error. He promised he would give his disciples revelation through the Holy Spirit.

10. The Old and New Testament give remarkable agreement about Jesus. The Old Testament gives precise predictions of the Messiah’s life and ministry, and the New Testament records their fulfillment in Jesus.

The Old Testament was recorded, collected, copied, and preserved carefully through the 1000 years of its revelation. The Jews treasured it and protected it with diligence and devotion. Jesus confirmed this in his devotion and obedience to it. The Christians likewise treated the New Testament with the same treasured care. They considered both books to be necessary to their Scriptures.