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Help Is At Hand

Do you not know where to go? When you are tired and feeling low? Friends can help us this they say. Comfort and advice giving what they may. Where do we hide within our fears? To whom do we bring our hurt and tears? How far can we run to get away? Who can help and in what way? What…

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Come To Me Lord (song)

My Lord, I have no rest without your presence. My Lord, I have no poems to inspire or encourage. My Lord, I have no songs to sing or prayers to uplift. My Lord, without you I am adrift in a boat with no port in sight. My Lord, I am a weak servant without a Master. My Lord, I grow…

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Endurance is going through trials even when you want to run. (1) It is conquering pain and suffering until the task at hand is done. Endurance is forging ahead when you know there is no relief. It is showing courage and trusting a higher power in your grief. (2) Endurance is getting up every time you are knocked down. It…

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There are times when we curl into a ball and cry until there are no more tears. (1) There are times when our hearts ache so badly that we feel we will surely die (2) There are times when anger burns inside us like a knife being thrust into our soul. (3) There are times when we are so ashamed…

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