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The list below contains a variety of my published works.

Review of Estelle P. Shrum’s presentation on her book, “He Is The Word ”to (FCCW) “Florida Coast Christian Writers” 2007

All FCCW guest speakers bring interesting messages and helpful hints to our meetings. But every so often we’re showered with additional, very useful material. Such was the case with Estelle Shrum’s presentation at last Thursday’s FCCW meeting.

In her presentation, Estelle described her life, and the troubling experiences that were foundational to her new book titled, He Is The Word, a compilation of poems written over two years. As she described it, her book is proof that a life visited by frequent, unhappy events out of one’s control, can produce both victory and a deeper relationship with God.

Estelle grew up in a house with an abusive father and a paranoid, schizophrenic mother. The effect of such a toxic environment led first to frequent panic attacks as a young woman, and later, two attempts at suicide. In later years, her daughter experienced some of the ripple-effects from her family tree, developing serious problems of her own.

Estelle related that today, both she and her daughter are living examples of God’s healing victory. As she pointed out, “The four best years of my life were when I dated my husband. And we’ve been married over forty years!”

Because all of Estelle’s poems are related to scripture, He Is The Word is both a resource for practical Biblical guidance as well as an escape into poetic literature. Glancing through the book, it is easy for one to pinpoint a topic of interest and be directed to a relevant poem. Each passage brings out the essence of scripture through insightful, tender paraphrase of God’s perspective.

Estelle told us the reason for the poetic format is to, “Encourage Christians and non-Christians to read the Bible.”

In addition to poetry, Estelle included sections at the end such as, “The Many Names Of Jesus,” and “The Bible Vs. The Koran,” — an overview of the similarities and differences between two of the world’s most important books.

As for the “extra gift,” Estelle covered a large table with several, very helpful handouts such as:

“Avoiding literary scams”

“Writers Beware: Thumbs-Down Agency List”

“How To Find The Right Book Publisher”

“Fake Writing Contests.”

She included three long lists of Christian publishers and Christian self-publishing resources.

Estelle’s own book was published through an organization called, “Publish America,” a co-op company requiring no down payment by the author. As she put it, “It’s a subject of particular importance to all freshman authors!”

FCCW extends a warm thanks to Estelle and hopes many readers will enjoy her book for a relaxing, insightful poetic journey through the Bible.

By Ken Overman, FCCW Member

He Is The Word Book –
PublishAmerica Presents He Is the Word by Estelle P. Shrum
He Is the Word Biblical Christian Poetry Published Book

He is the Word - Biblical Christian Poetry

Frederick, MD October 6, 2006 — A local Jacksonville westside resident gets her book published by PublishAmerica, LLLP. Getting a book published today without self-publishing is against all odds. Especially when the material is Christian Poetry. He Is The Word by Estelle P. Shrum is a book of Scriptural poetry that answers Biblical questions and tells a story in simplistic poetry so the reader can understand the truth of God’s Word, the Holy Bible.

All her poems are quoted from Scripture so the reader will know that the Lord has blessed her with this gift to share His Word. Her ministry through her web site, is to get 80% of the people in America who claim to be Christians to get to know God on a personal relationship. Believing comes from hearing the Word of God; and her ministry is for everyone to read the Bible. Her personal testimony is compelling and speaks of the many trials and tribulations she has over come to reach a moment when God spoke to her. Today the world we live in is not only unpredictable but evil prevails, evil means sinful. It is the opposite of Godliness which means having great reverence for God. He Is The Word gives the history of the Old and New Testament. If you want to read a book that is full of inspiration, Biblical education, and how to be assured of your salvation; then this book will be a spiritual journey and a substantial publication. He Is The Word is available through,,,, and through 15,000 bricks and mortar stores. Authors proceeds will be donated to the American Bible Society.

Estelle Shrum has also written devotionals that have been published in Mountain Meditations, published by Turnage Publishing Company and printed by….Morris Publishing. The book consists of One Year of Devotionals for the Heart and Soul.. All the stories are from the people of House of Prayer in Blairsville, Georgia. To order Mountain Meditations, call 1-800-650-7888. Estelle Shrum’s devotionals from Mountain Meditations are below.

Labor of Love

By: Estelle P. Shrum

“For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love, which ye have showed toward His name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister. “Hebrews 6:10

One morning I tore off the new date from my Christian calendar and the above message couldn’t have been any clearer to me if the Lord himself had knocked on my door and wrapped his arms around me and gave me a hug. I was led by the Lord to write poetry and create a web site for it. Later, I was led to write a book. However, knowing the odds it seemed impossible; especially because the book was on Christian poetry. God also led me to add my personal testimony, plus a history of the Old and New Testament along with a short history of the Qur’an/Koran.

A problem arose when I found a publisher before the book was edited. They offered to publish my book giving me the choice of two options. One, they would edit the book but it would take a year or longer; or I could edit it myself. Since we would be moving I chose to edit it myself. It was a total nightmare for me. At one point I was so distraught from changing the book form, style, font, spell checking, and Scripture confirmation that I cried out to the Lord. I could not do this. I struggled through the whole process with the Lord’s encouragement all along the way. My book, He Is The Word, is finally finished and on the market.

God gets all the glory and honor and any profits realized go to “The American Bible Society.” Though difficult, I would not take anything for this “labor of love” experience.

Dear Lord may we all glorify Your name with whatever gift You have given us. May we delight in recognizing that there is a time and season for Your every purpose under the Heaven. Amen.

Scripture reading: Ecclesiastes 3:1, John 15:16, 1 Corinthians 12:4-11

Giving Thanks for All Things

By: Estelle P. Shrum

“Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Ephesians 5:20

Over the years I’ve taken a lot of antibiotics for chronic sinus infections. I never imagined that I’d become allergic to a medicine that I had taken for years. It happened right after taking my last antibiotic. I started to break out in hives. My husband was out of town, so I called him and he said he was going to drive back home. He was three hours away. I went to the drug store and bought an antihistamine. When I got home I slept for a couple of hours. Upon waking up, I had hives all over and the itching was horrid.

When my husband came home and saw that I was swollen everywhere, he insisted we go to the emergency room. The closer we got to the E.R. the worse the swelling got, and my breathing was becoming labored. By the time I arrived at the ER I was in distress. I kept repeating to myself, “The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not fear.” I told my husband that I wasn’t going to make it through this, and to tell the kids I loved them. I felt that if this was my time to go home with Jesus that I was prepared, but I prayed to please make it fast. I guess it was not my time, because I am here and still writing poetry for the Lord.

The next day I sat out on the porch and watched a hummingbird flit around with the amazing speed of his tiny wings and thought about the little things we take for granted every day. Life was so much sweeter that day, and I just meditated and gave thanks for all things unto God.

Prayer:Father we give you thanks for all the little things, for the sun, moon and stars, and all things that dwell in Your world.

Scripture reading: Psalm 4 and 148, 1 Thessalonians 5:13

Delivered from Fear

By: Estelle P. Shrum

“What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.” Psalm 56:3

Being raised in a dysfunctional family, I was afraid of everything. As a child I was afraid of the dark, but the Lord used that to express myself in writing my first poem. I was afraid of elevators having been stuck in-between floors with the door opened to a brick wall. The Lord used that when I got a job in a Manhattan skyscraper. I was afraid of dentists until I became a dental assistant. I was afraid of lightening and thunder so the lord moved me to Miami, where there’s thunder and lightening every afternoon. I was weak in math. The Lord opened the door for me to attend college.

I was afraid of surgery so I had three of them. I was petrified of anesthesia and not breathing on my own when I had shoulder surgery. The Sunday before my appointment I was in church and the sermon was on fear. The above verse was spoken and it suddenly became clear that the Lord was speaking to me. It was as if He tapped me on the shoulder to let me know I just needed to trust in Thee. I realized that fear is of the devil and I must submit to God and resist the devil.

I was also afraid of hospitals and nursing homes. I would literally become ill if I had to visit someone in either. The Lord made me a nurse. I was afraid of death and dying. The Lord made me a hospice nurse. Just as God had David face goliath, He made me face my giants and thus gain victory over them. “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear; because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love” (John 4:18). He is an amazing God.

Prayer for today: Lord, we have no fear for we know You are with us to strengthen us; for You are God.

Scripture reding: Isaiah 41:10-14, Psalm 34

He Carries Our Burdens

By: Estelle P. Shrum

“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

While working the evening shift, I received a phone call that no one wants to get. As soon as I heard my husband’s voice I knew something horrible had happened and time stood still. A million thoughts went through my head in a split second, and intense panic set in. He told me that our daughter left a hysterical message on our recorder that our son-in-law had an accident while at the gym and broke his neck. They were both gymnastic coaches. She screamed into the phone that he couldn’t feel anything and that Life Flight was flying him to Shands Hospital. They lived in Jacksonville; we lived on Merritt Island, a three-hour drive.

That’s how it happened, and the rest was a nightmare that we couldn’t wake up from. His injury left him a quadriplegic. My daughter was only twenty-one and they were only married for three months. She only knew him for three weeks before they eloped. Our lives were a complete roller-coaster ride, and our emotions were completely off the chart. My husband was angry because he never got over our daughter eloping. My son-in-law’s family lived in Texas, and they didn’t help emotionally, physically, financially or spiritually. I realized that I was the one who had to hold everything together, but I was not equipped to do that. Then a saying came to my mind, “Let Go, Let God,” and I remembered the Scripture to cast all your cares upon the Lord; and so I did.

I found strength and faith that God would see us through that terrible time. There is no happy ending to this story; but I learned to love the Lord with my whole heart and soul as never before.

Prayer: Thank you, Father, for giving us your Son, who will carry all our cares, worries, and fears. All we have to do is call upon the precious name of Jesus.

Scripture reading: Nahum 1:7, Psalms 55:22

Driftwood XX – A literary anthology – Scribblers of Brevard, 2001 “A Mother’s Prayer”

Driftwood of Brevard County is a literary anthology that contains poems, short stories, anecdotes, essays, memoirs, and poetry are selected and judged by literary professionals. Only those entries that earn top scores are included in the anthology.

I want my children to know the power of passion, the peace of presence, the joy of height, the depths of depression, the answer to prayer, the security of coasting, to know the Lord

I want my children to bask in the sunlight, to walk in the rain, to smell the flowers, to see beyond the rainbow, to know the Lord

I want my children to see, the sunrise from the ocean, the sunset over the sea, the purple mountains majesty, the clouds silver lining, a red sky in the morning, a red sky at night, the rainbow bold and bright

I want my children to see the redwoods, and red rocks, the rain forests and trees, the while sands, and black sands, the mountains, the valleys, the caverns and caves, the rain, the hail, the snow, the winds, the awesome beauty Mother Nature gives

I want my children to feel, the gift of giving, the desire of helping, the thrill of adventure, the ecstasy of romance, the spirit of the Lord

I want my children to hear, the laughter of children at play, the silence of a special moment, the soul of a symphony, their hearts telling them truth, the whispers of the Lord

(Psalm 127: 3-5), (Psalm 128:6), (Proverbs 17:6), (Proverbs 22:6), (Proverbs 22:15), (Proverbs 23:13-14)

Driftwood XX1 – An anthology produced by Scribblers of Brevard, 2002 “Insomnia”

Waking and walking into the night
Sleep it seems is not in sight
Musical beds is played instead
Wanting to rest a weary head
Counting sheep, creating lists
Thinking of things that were amiss
Singing songs, humming a tune
Staring at the lazy moon
Hot baths, lotions, magic potions
Wishing, hoping, going through motions
Reciting poems, praying for sleep
What must be done to slumber deep?
Reading, writing, watching T.V.
Resting, relaxing, this eludes me
Herbs, spices, warm milk, hot tea
White noise, music, tapes of the sea
Deep breathing, pills, even meditating
No sleep won’t come, no more waiting
Legs jumping they won’t be still
Body and motion control the will
Worms crawling inside the veins
As hope for rest finally wanes
Twilight, sunlight, coming fast
Now sleep will come, sleep at last

(Psalm 17:15)

Driftwood XX111 – A literary anthology – Scribblers of Brevard, 2004 “Soaring”

Did you ever dream
That you could fly?
Where the winds lift you
High into the sky (1)
You can feel the
Currents flowing beneath
Your arms spread out
The breeze at your feet
The freedom that’s felt
Touches the soul
The joy and peace
Can never be told
There are prints of God
Throughout the earth
Flying as a bird
Is the angels’ mirth
Wishing you all
This wonderful dream
So you shall know
What peaceful means
There is a heaven,
This I know (2)
Soaring there
In peace I go

1. (Ps.104:3)
2. (Mk 13:26-27)
3. (1 Th.4:17)

Driftwood XX111 – A literary anthology – Scribblers of Brevard “Gifts”, 2004

God gave us all a gift
Let us use it to uplift
Some have a gift for caring
Some have a gift for sharing
Some have a gift of laughter
To brighten our day
Some have a gift to inspire us
By how they pray
Some have a gift to bring hope
So fresh and new
Some have a gift of words
That always rings true
Some have a gift to
Teach things so clear
Some have a gift of calm
That stills our fear
Some have voices that do astound
Some have smiles that greatly abound
Some give their all to charity
Some have vision of clarity
Some may be common and some unique
Some may strengthen the feeble and weak
Some may make the rich feel humble
Some can build bridges out of rubble
Whatever your gift from God above
Was given specially to you with love

(Ro.12:6-8), (1 Cor.14:11), (1Pe.4:10-11)

LPN ADVANCE Magazine & Wuesthoff Brevard Hospice & Palliative Care Newsletter “Thank you Lord” dedicated to Hospice and Dr. Joseph Hurlbut 2004

Thank you Lord for
These angels on earth
And the blessings they
Bestow of untold worth
Thank you for the nurses
And doctors who heal
And the empathy and
Compassion that they feel
Thank you for the Chaplains
Who support them everyday
And for their kind loving hearts
With the words they pray
Thank you for the social workers
And the work they do
And for all the support of
Family dynamics they pursue
Thank you for the hospice staff
And for the souls we treasure
Thank you for your unbounded
Love that is without measure

(Matthew 5:7)

LPN Magazine – article published on “The Advantages of Keeping LPN’s –
Who’s Defending the LPNs?

Editor’s Note: the reader is referring to a National News story, “Study Call for More RN Staffing,” which appeared in the Jan. 25 issue of our online edition ( The news piece focused on the study “Nurse Staffing in Hospitals: Is There a Business Case for Quality?” published in the January/February issue of the journal Health Affairs. The study indicated that certain hospitals could avoid 5,000 deaths if they replaced 37,000 LPNs with RNs.

To The Editor
It has been my impression the LPN role has increased over the years. I am a hospice nurse in Florida, and I have the same duties as the RNs. I have even been a charge nurse over an RN agency nurse, and have trained new RNs.. LPNs, if certified for IV Therapy, can now give IV pushes without direct supervision of the RN.
There has been talk about getting rid of the LPNs for many years now. I believe strongly that there is a place for LPNs. Considering we make quite a bit less money than RNs while having the same nursing responsibilities, it would be advantageous to keep us.
I know a lot of LPNs who outshine RN’s in patient care and management skills. There are LPNs, like myself, who were not able to get into RN school because of the long waiting list and took PN schooling with the intention of going on for their RN. When I (graduated from PN School, a new LPN) had to be in the field for 1 year before applying to the transition program for RN training, and that would only take two semesters to complete. I understand that has changed now and you can transition right after finishing PN school.
Like me, many LPNs didn’t go to nursing school until their kids were leaving for college. I went through nursing school at age 48. I have been a nurse for over 10 years now and have been so blessed with my career. I have wanted to be a nurse since I was 7 years old. I have been in psychiatric and geriatric nursing, and served as a float nurse in a large practice with doctors in every field. Now I am blessed to be a hospice nurse.
Considering the current shortage of nurses, to limit the LPNs role would not only be unwise, it would be foolish. Not everyone wants to work as a specialty nurse. Not everyone wants to be a manager. LPNs have always been known for being the “hands-on-nurses,” and most of us like it that way. Let the RNs be the managers, teachers, and “high tech” nurses. Please allow the LPNs to continue their role in patient care. The RNs need us so they can relieve the heavy load and responsibility that they carry. Thank you. — Estelle P. Shrum LPN, Jacksonville, FL

Entertaining U Newspaper “Why I love Jacksonville” – February 8-14, 2007

“My daughter moved to Jacksonville to attend the University of North Florida. I was taken with Jacksonville and loved that it was a sophisticated city with a down home country atmosphere. The people of this city captivated me. There is a mix of ethnicity and different cultures to make the city diverse and interesting without the prejudice that sometimes goes along with it. I loved that there were churches everywhere and people practiced what they preached. So now Jacksonville is my home.”