Out of all the planets, moons and stars God blessed us with this beautiful planet earth

He created Adam and Eve and set them in the Garden of Eden out love, joy, and mirth

Our creator wanted to fellowship with man and He gave them his own attributes

Many forms of life were created to share and enjoy the labor of his fruits

He created Adam first and then Eve and He loved all his creations without favor

He did this all for the spirit of mankind and enjoyed the masterpieces of His labor

But there was a war in the heavens and Satan was a jealous angel who wanted to be God

Many angels rebelled and sided with Lucifer and did not even try to conceal the façade

The New Testament has many references to Genesis, Matthew and Luke which is historical and actual

The facts in the bible are not only spiritual chronological, supportable but factual

Science can not be proven but man has a certainty of who God is everyday

Miracles are seen throughout the world daily as God’s believers pray.

~~Estelle P. Shrum 


Universal science can argue back and forth all day but God said I am the way, the truth, and the life. When He created the universe there were angels cherubs and seraphim’s the spirits of His fruit. There were many creations throughout the universe before God said let us make man in our own image