Please pass this information on,
God is the only one who can decide life and death. He gives it and takes it away according to his own plan. The only other way to take a life is for self defense but babies have no self defense. You may have no idea how these women suffer from guilt after they abort their child. The sadness never goes away. I was a counselor in Jacksonville for ladies that suffered the guilt and shame from having an abortion. There are many woman from age 14 to 70 years old who have been holding onto that pain because they can’t tell anyone. If you get help facing this grief you can help stop someone else in making a decision they will regret the rest of their lives. Thou shall not kill is one of the Ten Commandments. How can we ignore God’s Word? If you know someone who has struggled with grieving over her decision please let them know there are many centers in every city that can help them. No one will judge you. The truth is men also have regrets and can use this bible study as well. No one will speak of it outside of their classroom. I invite you to Crossroads Church on HWY 154 in Newnan, Georgia or find a center that will help you know you are forgiven and set free. If you want a personal class with a small bible study I offer you my help and heart to help set you free.
~~Estelle P. Shrum –