Estelle P. Shrum

It is the end and unveiling the Holy name of God’s vindication for all creation.

Revelation is the book of consummation and divine redemption brought to fruition.

In Revelation 12:12 we are told the devil has a short time to complete his evil deeds.

It’s a wonder why God allowed the Serpent to enter the Garden of Eden knowing Eve would be deceived.

Man’s history on the earth is believed to be 6,000 years and everything else is a mystery.

If we compare it to the age of the Universe there is no actual time frame of its history.

We are told there were other people throughout the earth at that time called Nephilim Giants.

Could that have added to the reason for the fall of Adam and Eve for being defiant?

There are so many questions and no answers until we see the Lord face to face.

We can only trust that God’s Spirit will never leave us without His grace.

Apostle John wrote to the seven Churches in Asia giving testimony to the faithful to listen and hear.

He speaks of the seven stars and seven Lamp stands and all those with favor need not fear.

The seven churches and seven angels and all those who overcame Satan will eat of the tree of life in paradise.

Apostle John speaks of the throne of heaven and the seven spirits of God that glorify God day and night.

And from the throne comes flashes of lightening, rumbles, and peals of thunder and bright light.

When the sixth angel sounded his trumpet a third of mankind, two hundred million troops were killed that night.

The book of Revelation is symbolic of the resurrected Christ who will judge everyone in the End of Days.

It is the only book of the Bible that is so emblematically written it is difficult to understand God’s ways.