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GOD AMONG US PLANET EARTH Out of all the planets, moons and stars God blessed us with this beautiful planet earth He created Adam and Eve and set them in the Garden of Eden out love, joy, and mirth Our creator wanted to fellowship with man and He gave them his own attributes Many forms of life were created to…

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Forgiven And Set Free

Please pass this information on,God is the only one who can decide life and death. He gives it and takes it away according to his own plan. The only other way to take a life is for self defense but babies have no self defense. You may have no idea how these women suffer from guilt after they abort their…

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REVELATION Estelle P. Shrum It is the end and unveiling the Holy name of God’s vindication for all creation. Revelation is the book of consummation and divine redemption brought to fruition. In Revelation 12:12 we are told the devil has a short time to complete his evil deeds. It’s a wonder why God allowed the Serpent to enter the Garden…

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Baptism Is A Blessing

BAPTISM IS A BLESSING Baptism is seeing the heart of Lord face to face Baptism is feeling His Almighty power and grace Baptism is a seal of love and trust that you hold for Him Baptism is the cleansing and washing away all of your sin Baptism is an act of purity for you to replicate and emulate Baptism is…

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