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A SEASON OF DISCONTENT Let us not be discontent for we can do all things in Christ our Savior. Rejoice, for the Lord goes before us granting us favor. Give God all your anxieties and requests. Allow the peace that passes all understanding to heal your regrets. Dwell on whatever is true, honorable, worthy, and pure. God will grant you…

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THE VINEDRESSER Is your basket empty with no fruit off the vine? Do you need chastening? Are you fighting a battle? Do you feel alone and weary? Do you feel out of control? Are you being tempted and feel down trodden? Do you feel hopeless and lost? Do you feel there is no one to trust? Does your vineyard need…

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OPEN THEIR HEARTS LORD Lord, soften the hearts of those who will not walk with you. Open their minds and make their spirit anew. Abba, bring the haughty to their knees. My Lord, save those lost souls please. Blot out all negativity of those who will not hear. Silence the naysayers and those who cast doubt and fear. Break the…

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GOOD FRIDAY This was the day the heavens opened up and the world stood still. This was the day that Jesus was crucified and carried a wooden cross up a hill. This was the day He was beaten, His side pierced, and given vinegar for thirst. This was the day He was made to wear a crown of thistle thorns.…

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APOCALYPSE NOW Imagine the Apocalypse is before you and the final battle has come to pass. Imagine the horses galloping and hear the sound of trumpets? Imagine ten thousands and ten thousands of angels descending through the clouds? Imagine the world spinning completely out of control in mass confusion? Imagine the fear people will feel who are not saved through…

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GOD’S THRONE  Can you see the horses galloping and hear the sound of the trumps? Can you see the tens of thousands upon thousands of angels descending through the clouds? Can you feel the world spinning in circles of mass confusion? Can you smell the fear of people who are not saved through Jesus? Can you reach out and touch…

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