Why do we fear to give our hearts to the Lord of Host? (1)

Are we afraid to give up the things we treasure most? (2)

What stops us from committing our lives to serve the King of Kings? (3)

There is nothing that can give us the peace and joy that Jesus brings. (4)

Why do we want to hold onto vices that have made our lives a prison? (5)

Jesus died to set us free from earthly chains and Halleluiah He has risen (6)

Did Jesus not promise that when you serve Him your yoke would be light? (7)

The battle of good and evil has already been fought and Jesus won the fight. (8)

Let us not hold onto pleasures of the flesh that we think are enjoyable.

For the devil will hold us captive and makes our lives deplorable. (9)

When we give our hearts to Jesus we become born again as new creatures. (10)

Our spirit is refreshed and our souls are cleansed taking on new features. (11)

We will no longer be chained to our old nature and our selfish ways. (12)

Jesus will be first in our lives and we’ll serve Him for all of our days. (13)

Do not fear to give your heart to Jesus for He is the answer to our every prayer. (14)

The world and our lives will pass away but those in Christ will not despair. (15)

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