Is your basket empty with no fruit off the vine?

Do you need chastening?

Are you fighting a battle?

Do you feel alone and weary?

Do you feel out of control?

Are you being tempted and feel down trodden?

Do you feel hopeless and lost?

Do you feel there is no one to trust?

Does your vineyard need to be pruned?

Than all you have to do is ask the Vinedresser.

He is able to restore your vineyard.

For every branch in God’s garden can bear fruit.

Jesus conveyed the deepest truths with simple earthly examples.

Jesus is the Vine and he is the Father of the Vinedresser.

We are the branches and the righteous man is the fruit.

Don’t be defeated by the Serpent who is the Father of lies.

~~Estelle P. Shrum

(Genesis 1:3), (Romans 1:25), 2 Corinthians 11:14), (John 8:44)