However divided in thought word and indeed we seem to be,

Within the heart of every man lies the desire to be free.

Every man was given a soul through the Spirit of God’s breath. (1)

We were designed with a sixth sense that is measured by its depth.

Religion is the quest of men reaching out to find the creator of earth.

We seek and tempt fate longing to understand our value and worth.

By the law of six degrees we are all connected.

Our human condition craves love and loathes being rejected.

From one man God made every nation and we are His off spring. (2)

We are united in spirit and truth through the attributes of Christ the King.

The Olympics brings the world together to compete for the gold with each other.

In that moment we are all share one world and one dream being sister and brother.

God is in control of the whole world and He even determines the place we live.

God’s quest is for man to reach out to Him not to idols that have nothing to give. (3)

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