Can you see the horses galloping and hear the sound of the trumps?

Can you see the tens of thousands upon thousands of angels descending through the clouds?

Can you feel the world spinning in circles of mass confusion?

Can you smell the fear of people who are not saved through Jesus?

Can you reach out and touch the Spirit of God?

Can you see the Lord sitting on His throne encircled within a rainbow?

Can you see the twenty four elders clothed in white wearing crowns of glory?

Can you see the seven lamps of fire burning which are the seven Spirits of God?

Can you see the twenty four elders cast their crowns before the throne of their King?

Can you see the book the Lord holds in His right hand containing the seven seals?

Can you hear the Elders rejoice for the Root of David hath prevailed and is the only one able to open the book?

Can you see them fall before the Lamb and glorify Him with harps and golden vials that hold the prayers of saints?

Can you hear the angels, beasts, and Elders: saying “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain.”?

Can you imagine the blessing, honor, glory, and power unto him who sits upon the throne?

Can you see the Saints adore and worship Him, the Alpha and Omega who lives for ever and ever?

~~Estelle P. Shrum