Imagine the Apocalypse is before you and the final battle has come to pass.

Imagine the horses galloping and hear the sound of trumpets?

Imagine ten thousands and ten thousands of angels descending through the clouds?

Imagine the world spinning completely out of control in mass confusion?

Imagine the fear people will feel who are not saved through Jesus the Savior?

Imagine trying to reach out to touch the Spirit of God but you are denied?

Imagine the Lord sitting on His throne and feeling sadness because you lost your soul?

Imagine the Elders clothed all in white who will have a seat at your judgment day?

Imagine the seven lamps of fire burning and the seven Spirits of God that you denied.

Imagine having no crowns of glory to cast before the throne of Jesus who died for you.

Imagine you are not a child of the King and now regret all vile and evil things you did.

Imagine yourself in a world where there is only pain and no where to escape.

Imagine the ‘Day of Judgment’ and all the lost souls who never wanted to know Christ.

Imagine when the fifth angel sounds his trumpet and a star falls from heaven;

Imagine when the seventh seal was opened and there was silence in heaven.

Imagine there is no escape from the bottomless pit and being tormented as a scorpion.

Imagine seeking death but you shall not find it be or able or to flee from the pain.

Imagine the earth filled with smoke and fire that was cast down from the heavens.

Imagine a third part of men were killed and still they did still not repent.

Imagine being a child of God and how you will rejoice for now the battle is won.

~~Estelle P. Shrum