~~Estelle P. Shrum

When you smile at strangers they will smile back

When you compliment people it makes them feel good

When someone compliments you…you feel good

When you dwell on peaceful things it brings you peace

When you pray you will sense the of presence of God

When you open your heart to His faithfulness you will be blessed

When you walk in God’s light it will never be dark

When you depend on the Lord He will be with you

When you tell someone you love them look in their eyes so they can see it’s true

When you cry remember those tears are in God’s bottle

When you laugh make sure people are laughing with you

When you need help don’t be afraid to ask for it

When you spend quiet time with the Lord you find peace of mind

When you walk with God He will keep you on the straight and narrow road

When your trust is in the Lord you will find perfect peace

When nature rocks the world then you rock all God’s children

When people are not kind show them what kindness is!

When humanity is at its worse show humanity at its best