Jesus looked like an ordinary man; his dress was not fancy, nor did He act proud.

However, when Jesus spoke His wisdom was profound and he stood out among the crowd.

When it came to Passover Jesus sang songs of praise to His Father above.

It was not unusual for Jesus to sing at Passover with his disciples praising God with love.

The Psalm 115 was Jesus’ own story of how He would be betrayed.

When He sang Psalm 116 Jesus wanted to convey to His disciples never to forget God’s love and not to be afraid.

When Jesus sang Psalm 117 He was summoning the nations to know that they would be praising Him for 2,000 years

When Jesus sang the last Psalm 118 before Gethsemane He was saying that God’s love is endless and there would be no more tears.

~~Estelle P. Shrum