How Do I Count Thy Ways?

Abba, God, the lifter of my heart; how do I count thy ways?

How do I thank you for blessing the numbers of my days?

Father, how can I show you the love and admiration I hold for you?

Jesus, Lord of my life, how do I express the emotions you’ve brought me through?

Prince of Peace, your greatness and everlasting love goes beyond my imagination.

The beauty of your earth and all thy magnificent ways by far exceed my admiration.

King of King and Lord of Lords you have seen me through unimaginable pain.

Prince of Peace, we have walked through the valley of tears and trying terrain.

My Messiah and rock of ages you alone held me up through all the doubt and fears.

Jehovah Jireh you have always been there to cast away any sadness, weakness or tears.

Almighty God, you are my rock and fruit of the vine until the day you bring me home.

Elohim, you are mighty and strong, and I long for the day to meet you in heaven to be called your own.

~~Estelle P. Shrum

My latest poem dedicated to the Lord in the light of my Cardio Myopathy….out of the ashes….be blessed! 7/21/16