10 facts About Revelation…

Fact #1 – Before Roman Emperor Domitian exiled the Apostle John to the Greek island of Patmos, where experts say he wrote the Book of Revelation, he ordered him boiled in oil, but John miraculously survived.

Fact #2 – The Romans used Patmos, located off the coast of Asia Minor (modern Turkey), as a penal colony.

Fact #3 – Revelation came to John in a vision, perhaps the reason for the plentiful use of imagery and the difficulty so many people have in interpreting it.

Fact #4 – The Book of Revelation uses 21 symbols, beginning with the “seven lampstands,” representing seven churches in Asia Minor.

Fact #5 – Lamb is the word most commonly used – 28 times — to describe Jesus in Revelation.

Fact #6 – Although firmly ensconced in popular culture, the word “rapture” does not appear in the English Bible. Rapture is an anglicized version of the Latin word raeptius.

Fact #7 – Revelation is the only book in the New Testament that uses the word “Alleluia,” indicating praise to God, and it appears four times – all in Chapter 19.

Fact #8 – Jesus uses just one angel to bind Satan and throw him into a bottomless pit for 1,000 years – an indication of Jesus’ power over evil.

Fact #9 – There will be no temples or churches in the “new heaven” God creates, because they are man’s way of having fellowship with God. Such places of worship will be obsolete because man will be able to fellowship directly with God.

Fact #10 – The “tree of life” in the new heaven is a restored version of the same tree in the Garden of Eden.

A Final Thought…God says that anyone who reads Revelation and takes it to heart will be blessed. But in the last chapter, He warns of dire consequences for anyone who would dare add anything or take anything away from the book.

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