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Seven Truths About the World – This is not by chance!

SEVEN TRUTHS ABOUT THE WORLD – This is not by chance! (ISAIAH 9:2) 1. The earth’s tilt to the sun is 23 degrees – perfect calculation to sustain life…if it was off a degree it could not sustain life. 2. The exact distance from the moon to the earth allows life to exist on earth. 3. The exact distance from…

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Ten Facts About Revelation

10 facts About Revelation… Fact #1 – Before Roman Emperor Domitian exiled the Apostle John to the Greek island of Patmos, where experts say he wrote the Book of Revelation, he ordered him boiled in oil, but John miraculously survived. Fact #2 – The Romans used Patmos, located off the coast of Asia Minor (modern Turkey), as a penal colony.…

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To Atheist’s From People Of Faith

10/25/13 Dear Atheist, Why do you believe that all of creation was created by nothing? Why do you reject a Supreme Being with intelligence, a Spirit that is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient? A Spirit that is far greater than yourself, who created everything seen and not seen? Is it so much easier to believe that everything came from nothing? Human…

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For Bible skeptics

FOR BIBLE SKEPTICS… Skeptics like to say that the Bible is not testable, but then go on to say that it gets the creation account wrong. One of the main points of contention was the Bible’s claim that land plants (day 3) were created before animals (day 5). Let’s look at the Bible’s account of the creation of plants: Then…

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