History will be talking about what happened in the 2016 Republicans Campaign for Years to Come. When history looks back at the rude and crude behavior that took place through the debates, it won’t be a surprise me what they will say. The number one reason for Trump’s leading in the polls is all because the Republicans became fed up with all the political correct nonsense? Being politically correct has become so over the top that many people feel is it has been shoved down their throats one too many times.  The great thing about America is that we can still speak out and rebel against issues that insult us.  The far left (I say far left as there is a difference in left agendas just as there are in right and far right agendas).  Many people in this country believe the far left agenda has gone over the top trying to silence the conservatives with their ideology of “CHANGE” ever since President Obama took office.  He is responsible for bullying his will on conservatives. He has showed no regard for conservatives and made it clear he did like or respect them. He has never taken responsibility for anything that went wrong in the White House.  It was always someone else’s fault. No one on the far left seem to care about all he has done to divide this country. Not even when he showed such distain for President Netanyahu.

The conservative party is in a revolution of sorts.  They are fed up that there is a minority of folks calling all the shots.  They don’t understand how a small ruling class of atheists, pot heads, and Hollywood misfits are making policy for what is right and what is wrong?  I fear that if Hillary gets in the White House the country will go down hill even faster than the past eight years.  I fear if Trump gets in the White House the same thing will happen…maybe even faster.

We don’t have anyone to bridge the gap. There are no more Kennedy’s or Reagan’s. No one seems to care about our Constitution or American values. On the other side of the coin I can understand how the democrats look at things.  They are still in the sixty’s calling for change (their own revolution).  They still blame Bush for the Iraq war and I can understand that because I was against it myself.  We should have never gotten into that war or in the Viet Nam war, but how long can one moan and groan over it?  How much money are we willing to spend on the impossible like “FREE” everything?  And for heaven’s sake how can so many folks not care that our country is seventeen trillion dollars in debt? There is no way to ever pay that off.

It’s time for the middle class on both sides to take charge of our government.  We are the people who just want to live and let live.  We are the people who want rules and regulations that make sense and benefit all the people.  If people want to be atheists, or homosexuals, or transvestites, or transgender’s, or kill their babies…than let them pay for it out of their pockets and not expect any special favors. I don’t ask any special favors for being a Christian…just respect. Let’s end this Nanny country that the far left liberals have worked so hard at enforcing and give the rights back to the States.  Please let’s be civil before there is a real Civil War in this country.