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Is the Bible the Oldest Historic Account On The Earth?

The Bible is the oldest book and most historic account on the face of the earth!!! Of all the ancient writings, most scholars agree that the Old Testament of the Bible is the oldest of religious books. It was first written at 1000 BC through 500 BC and the words were given by God to its writers. In comparison, most…

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It’s A New Kind Of Revolution

History will be talking about what happened in the 2016 Republicans Campaign for Years to Come. When history looks back at the rude and crude behavior that took place through the debates, it won’t be a surprise me what they will say. The number one reason for Trump’s leading in the polls is all because the Republicans became fed up…

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The Vinedresser

THE VINEDRESSER Is your basket empty with no fruit off the vine? Do you need chastening? Are you fighting a battle? Do you feel alone and weary? Do you feel out of control? Are you being tempted and feel down trodden? Do you feel hopeless and lost? Do you feel there is no one to trust? Does your vineyard need…

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