When It Is Time To Vote – Voting 101

Voting 101
“The democrats and the media say it is a Hillary’s turn to be President because she is a woman. We shouldn’t vote for a President because it’s their turn. We should not vote for a President because it’s time for a minority to be in the White House. We should not vote for a President because we just like them. We should vote for a candidate because they are qualified, smart, honest and have the country’s best interest at heart.” —-Estelle P. Shrum

Let’s both democrats and republicans get on board with this…
• Term limits for all politicians?
• Systematic reduction in Federal employee’s year over year?
• Scaled elimination of all welfare fraud?
• Expansion of State’s rights?
• Having control of our borders?
• Government waste
• Sunset laws on all government agencies and departments? (Sunset laws state that a given agency will cease to exist after a fixed period of time unless the legislature reenacts its statutory charter. Sunset provisions differ greatly in their details, but they share the common belief that it is useful to compel the Congress or a state legislature to periodically reexamine its delegations of authority and to assess the utility of those delegations in the light of experience.

“What right do we have to send a lamp to Indonesia that we cannot keep lit at home?”

–Author unknown