I hunger for your Word and to write of who you are.
I am inspired by all your creations and the bright morning star.
I adore your majesty and praise your Holy name.
I do not look for reward, earthly treasure, or fame.
I bow before you; the King of Kings.
I rejoice in you presence as my soul sings.
I am a child of God what else do I need?
I am a disciple who loves Jesus with body, heart and soul.
I am married to God’s Church and a servant of the fold.
I am united in agreement with the unity of God’s church.
I believe in the life changing truth and I no longer search.
I have died to self and live by faith.
I will see the glory of God and His sweetness I will taste.
I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and know where I belong.
I will be in heaven with my Savior and sing a new song.

~~Estelle P. Shrum



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