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To my Treasured Friends,

Dear treasured friends, When you have a personal encounter with the Almighty God your life will never be the same. When God gave me the gift to write poetry I knew if I wanted to be effective for Him I had to write about my personal relationship with Him. And, what could be better than expressing my love for His…

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465 Prophecies of the Messiah…Science Speaks

465 Prophecies of the Messiah…Science Speaks Recent studies by Biblical scholars indicate that there are 465 prophecies concerning the Messiah. What are the laws of probability on the fulfillment of these prophecies? Peter Stone wrote an article on this in Science Speaks in 1963 in which they consider these eight prophecies: 1. The place of the Messiah’s birth; 2. His…

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Quotes by Estelle

Quotes by Estelle If only people would praise God with the same joy and enthusiasm as they do sports? Suppose there were Christians chopping off heads wouldn’t we call them Radical Christians? If it walks looks like a duck and walks like a duck isn’t it a duck? Love is giving up your last bite. It makes us feel so…

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Simple Words Cause Such Controversy

Simple Words Cause Such Controversy INDEPENDENT – NOT RULED, CONTROLLED, OR SUPPORTED. (Someone who likes to think for themselves) REPUBLICAN – GOVERNMENT BY ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES. (People who elect their officials, someone who does not govern to elect their selves) DEMOCRACY – GOVERNMENT IN WHICH THE POWER IS VESTED IN ALL THE PEOPLE; EQUALITY OF RIGHTS. (Power to all people, race,…

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