12/22/11 – updated 8/24/15
After thinking how I would approach this I have decided that there is no diplomatic way to say the things I am about to say. I do know that no one should cast the first stone because we all sin and fall short of the glory of God. I also believe that we are living in the end days as the Bible so clearly tells us. Of course no one person, not even Jesus when he walked the earth, knows the hour of His return but the Bible tells us to watch the fig tree and we can know when the season is near. The Bible tells us “This generation will not pass away” until all these things Jesus spoke of will come to pass. Well they are coming to pass more quickly than we realize. In the day of the internet with information so readily available, time is but a millisecond away.

When I was growing up people had the good sense not to discuss politics, religion, or things of a sexual nature. People had the good taste of keeping their dirty laundry within the confine of their own home. No one hung out their dirty laundry. Today, many people are open about their bad habits, their personal feelings, their secrets and they don’t mind sharing them. In my humble opinion this is why our society is so accepting of everything and anything. It actually makes one cool to air their dysfunctional lives. Most people have a secret they we would not want known but Christians confess it to God, and then repent, because they are convicted of sin. Our society today just makes excuses for it. This is why our country will never move forward. We are living in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah and there is no Noah to build us an ark.

Our society now accepts open marital relationships and soft pornography (they still sort of frown at hard porn) and people living together (who we used to think call “shacking up”) but now it is quite acceptable. We embrace homosexuals having all the benefits of marriage that God created for man and woman. Homosexuals have been around as long as the Bible it is not something new. Of course we never want to repeat the past and condemn anyone for their life style. Man was given free choice and a free will to do whatever our laws today allow. Sin is sin, and there is no sin that is better or worse than another. However, God is a holy God but there was only one man who walked the earth without sin and that was Jesus. No one, but Him, is without sin. Although as a society we accept whatever feels good and is politically correct at the time.

Today our society is very conscious of not offending most religions. I say most because it doesn’t seem that Christians are considered worthy of not being offended. Between the three major religions, Jews, Christians and Muslims, they have all suffered from persecution. Today’s Christians are held in contempt. It is obvious they offend atheists and far left liberals. Otherwise why would they fight so hard to remove God from every part of secular society? They use a lame excuse as it’s against the Constitution to mix government and religion? They don’t understand what that means. It was written in defense for freedom of religion so government could never dictate religion not the other way around. The quote will be at the end of this article.

Now for politics…and that seems more harmful and threatening than sex, and religion. This is a subject that you will lose more friends than disagreeing on religion or talking about sex. I really am amazed at how hateful people can become with their political views. The odd part is that most people know very little except what they hear on the news and many of them only listen to one side…either conservative or liberal news stations. For all practical purposes newspapers are extinct and the only thing good in them are the sales. So to be really up on political news you must listen to both sides of an issue before you make your mind up on what you believe to be true. In this respect I am speaking to everyone. However, it is impossible not to mix sex and religion with politics because our politics dictate who we are and what we believe as an individual and in society.

The rest of my article speaks to the 80% of the population in America who claim to be Christian. I realize that Christians are no better or worse than anyone else, but I do have an issue that I am so confused over and it shakes me to the core. I do not understand why 80% of our Christian population would not vote against abortions, open borders, and redefining marriage between a man and a woman? How does anyone justify all this and claim they are a Christian? Do they realize that their anger is for 1% of the population that is rich? Do they resent rich people so much to go against God’s laws? He is the only one who decides to take life? The Bible says there is a time to be born and a time to die so if we make a choice to take a life we need to be sure it is justified and only self defense is justified. Do they know how many children are put to death everyday in our country alone? Do they not realize that 1% of the rich are the same people who start up big factories and business that give them their jobs? Most of these people are self-made millionaires. Do they not see that taking “loop-holes” away from the rich is far easier than unfairly taxing them just because they are rich? God only asks us to give 10% to the warehouse so there is plenty left over to take care of the poor and the hungry. Do these Christians give God their 10%? Do they feed the hungry or give to the poor? Or do they want the rich to do it all?
It is a fact that rich folks and middle class conservatives give far more money to charities than far left liberals. Why do we allow the minority of the far left and the far right to rule our nation? What happened in the last 10 years to divide our nation so drastically? It is more than just greed. Greed has always been around and democrats and republicans have always been around. The rich, the middle class, and the poor, have always been around. Immigration has always been around. Atheists and agnostics have always been around and extremists have always been around. So what has changed? Sin has changed… and man has turned his back on his creator for the last time. We are living in the end days where sin will increase at a remarkable rate and the book of Matthew will come to pass. If you are not a Bible believer, I tell you true, it is the most remarkable and truthful book you will ever read. So when you vote make sure you vote your conscience and not politics. If we want to make the right choice as Christians we have to choose God’s Word every time. Politics has no conscience. For believers it’s God’s way or the highway. Do not vote race, color or creed. Never allow politics to override God’s principles.

~~ Estelle P. Shrum