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Al-Qaeda Islam Is Very Dangerous To Israel

AL-QAEDA ISLAM IS VERY DANGEROUS TO ISRAEL HISTORY OF HATRED AGAINST JEWS 175-163 B.C. Attempt to outlaw Judaism 164- 163 B.C. Jerusalem captured 72 A.D. Expelled from Palestine 1096 12,000 Jews killed in First Crusade 1099 Jerusalem captured, Jews killed 1215 Forced to wear yellow circle on clothes 1290 Expelled from England 1306 Expelled from France 1349 -1360 Expelled from…

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Tribulation Birth Pangs – Count down 10-1

Tribulation Birth Pangs – Count down 10-1 “What I say to one, I say to all; watch.” (Mark 13: 37) Many who observe the times believe that God in His mercy and grace is allowing us to see foreshadows of the coming apocalyptic storm. One such observer likens the stage setting the birth pang symptoms to be not unlike…

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To My Christian Friends:

To my Christian friends: There are troubles all over the world. For those of us in Christ we need not fear: We are the witnesses of the “Birth Pangs” that is spoken of prior to the rapture. Personally I long for Revelation Chapter 21:1 – “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and…

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