Dedicated to my Friend – 4/21/15

My friend passed away. She was not just a friend. She was not just a best friend because I have been blessed with many best friends. She was my friend since I was seven years old. We shared the same birthday and after sixty-one years of friendship that was sometimes very rocky and sometimes broken we always made up and got back to doing what we knew best…being friends. There are not many people that have a best friend for sixty-one years one who knows your every secret? Who knows your likes and your dislikes? Who knows just how to make you laugh and unfortunately knows how to make you cry. It’s like a marriage without the romance. I will always miss her. I will think of her often and sometimes cry from not having her in my life, but mostly laugh from our sixty-one years of memories. Good bye Virginia! I know we will meet again. Lovingly, Estelle.