Although I am wounded, my body is broken, and my spirit weak;
Although I am sad, in horrible pain, it is still God whom I seek.
Although the child in me wants to give up and pull the covers over my head;
My savior won’t allow it so I seek Him instead.
Although everything hurts from my head down to my feet;
It is in the stillness of the night where I beg my Lord to meet.

We become vulnerable as children when in pain.
We become confused, lost in emotions, with feelings we can’t explain.
We may even feel that we are carrying the weight of all humanity;
We look around and see an evil world crumbling in its insanity.

Praise God for Jesus who bore our every burden, every temptation, doubt and fear.
Praise God for Jesus who carried our every ailment, sickness, scorn, curse, and tear.
Praise God for it was Jesus who paid the cost of sin for all eternity.
Praise God for He did this for us, unworthy were we.
Hope springs eternal with each and every sunrise.
Jesus paid the price on the cross and we are His prize.

“Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”
Psalm 55:22

~~Estelle P. Shrum