Listen For The Saviors Voice

If you listen for the Lord’s voice the message will be wonderful.
The impact of His Words will be astounding and powerful.
His Spirit will come when you think you are lost.
He will wrap you in His bosom and bless your heart.
He will comfort your body, mind, and soul.
He will give you strength, courage and wisdom.
He will wipe away your tears and take away your doubts.
He will restore your faith and let you know all is well.
He will guide you to where He wants you to go.
He will bless you as no one else can.
He will show you the path on how to heal your pain.
He will gather you as a babe and rock away your fears.
He will work wonders right before your eyes.
He will love you and guide your every step.
He will amaze you by His understanding of what you are going through.
He will always be there…your Lord, your friend, your confident, your master.
Listen for the Saviors voice and allow Him to lead your life.

~~Estelle P. Shrum