God Is All Things

He is the sun that shines every so bright.
He is the moon that guides the night.

He is the mountains that rise from the earth.
He is the new born child at birth.

He is a rose when it opens and a leaf when if falls.
He is there when the Whippoorwill calls.

He is the flowers, grass, and the trees.
He is the wind that blows and light summer breeze.

He is the small voice that speaks within you.
He is the assurance inside that will push you through.

He is the hand that keeps on giving.
He is the Spirit that keeps you living.

He is the power and reason that moves the Universe.
He is Almighty, God, the beginning, and the first.

He is the Written Word to teach and instruct.
He is our conscience for good conduct.

He is our Father, best friend, and Savior.
He is our moral compass for behavior.

He is the smile on a child’s face.
He is the newborn full of grace.

He is the blue sky and darkened night.
He is the Eagle when it takes to flight.

He is the soil, dirt, and sand.
He is the mountains that forever stand.

He is the water, oceans, rivers, and creeks.
He is the fire, smoke and lightening streaks.

He is, and was, and will ever be.
He is Alpha Omega and can set you free.

He is Jesus and will come back on angel’s wings.
He is The God of ALL things. Amen!

Psalm 90:2 “Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole world,
from everlasting to everlasting you are God.”

Estelle P. Shrum – Author, He Is The Word – My Website – https://heistheword.com,