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Being humble is to receive God’s grace. Being humble will allow you to see God’s face. Being humble asks for no reward. Being humble is doing God’s will with one accord. Being humble has no anger, bitterness, vengeance or resentment. Being humble is forgiving, gentle, meek and contentment. Being humble means putting others before yourself. Being humble is to love…

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The Son Has Risen

The sun was setting. The Son was dying. The clouds were dark and gray. Rumble and lightening flashing across the sky, In an unusual way The silence was deafening. The angel’s mourned. The Son cried out… Father, I commit my Spirit. No longer did He feel forlorn. The sun rose again. The Son had risen! The shackles were gone. The…

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How To Make Prayer Your Own

A long time ago I heard a very good sermon on praying. I don’t remember who gave it but I do remember what it was about. The essence of the sermon was on how people grow weary of praying for the same things everyday and every night. Our usual prayers consist of first thanking God for all our blessings and…

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