In Hebrew God has many names:

YHWH – too sacred to be uttered
Adonai – Master or Lord
Elohim – Mighty and strong, ( EL – equivalent to the Moslem Allah)
El Shaddai – God all sufficient
Yeshua – Jesus
Yahweh – I AM

Pr. 23:22, Listen to your father who gave you life
Isa 9:6, Everlasting father, Prince of Peace
Mt 6:9, Our father in Heaven
Lk. 23:24, Father forgive me
John 6:46, No one has seen the Father
John 10:30, I and the Father are one
John 10:37-38, By my miracles believe that the Father is in me and I in the Father
John 14:9, Who has seen me has seen the Father
2 Co 6:18, I will be Father to you all

1 Sa. 12:12, The Lord your God was your king
Ps. 24:7, King of glory may come in
Isa. 32:1, I see a king will reign in righteousness
Zch. 9:9, King comes riding on a donkey
1 Ti. 6:15, King of kings
Rev. 19:16, King of kings


Isa. 44:6, I am the first and I am the last
Rev.1:17, I am the first and the last

2 Sa. 22:29, Lord turns my darkness into light
Ps. 27:1, Lord is my light and my salvation
Ps. 56:13, God in the light of life
Ps. 119:105, light for my path
Isa. 2:5, walking in light of the Lord
Isa. 49:6, make a light for the gentile
John 8:12, I am the light of the world

Ge.1:5, Together they formed the first day
Ge.1:26, Let us make man in our image
Ex.20:2, I am the Lord your God
Deu.18: 15-19, I will raise a prophet
Ps. 42:8, I am the Lord that is my name
Ps. 43:11, I even I am the Lord
Ps.44:24, I am the Lord
Ps. 45:5, I am the Lord and there is no other
Isa 10:14, Virgin birth son – Immanuel
Isa.7:13, Child born Immanuel
Isa.9: 6-7, Child is born son is given – prince of peace
Isa.16 :5, righteous king on David’s throne
Isa. 32:1-4, righteous king coming
Isa. 42: 1-8, Servant Jesus of the Lord
Isa. chapter 53, Coming of Jesus
Jer. 23 5-6, raise up righteous branch
Jer. 31:31-34, I will make a new covenant with the people of Israel
Jer 33: 15, branch sprout from David’s line
Jer. 33:25-26, I will never abandon the Jews, David’s son shall rule over Abraham, Isaac and Jacobs descendants
Micah 1-3, Look he is coming he leaves his throne in heaven and comes to earth walking on the mountain tops
Malachi 3:1, I will send a messenger to prepare the way
Malachi 4-5, See I will send another Prophet like Elijah before judgment day
Mt. 5:17, Came to fulfill the law of Moses
Mt. 11:10, John messenger to precede me
Mt. 11:27, Only Father knows the Son and Father is known only by the Son
Mt. 20:32, I am the Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
Mt. 25:31-33, When the Messiah shall come in my glory
Mt. 26:63-64, Yes I am the Messiah, you will see me at the right hand of my father
Mt. 28:19, Go baptize them in the name of the father, son and holy spirit
Mk 2: 9-11, I, the Messiah have authority on earth to forgive sins
Mk. 2:28, And I, the Messiah have authority to decide what men can do on Sabbath
Mk. 13:26, Then all mankind will see me the Messiah coming in the clouds
Mk. 14:62, Jesus said I am and you will see me sitting at the right hand of God
Luke 6:5, I am master of the Sabbath
Luke 12:40, For I the Messiah will come when least expected
Luke 22:48, Jesus said Judas how can you betray the Messiah with a kiss
Luke 23:3, Are you Messiah, Jesus replied “It is as you say”
John 3:13, For only I, the Messiah have come to earth and will return to heaven
John 4:26, I am the Messiah
John 5:46, You For you refuse to believe Moses who wrote about me
John 6:27, I, the Messiah can give you eternal life, that is why God sent me
John 8:24, Unless you believe I am the Messiah you will die in your sins
John 8:28, When you have killed the Messiah then you will realize I am He
John 9:35, Do you believe in the Messiah Jesus said He is speaking to you
John 10:24-25,  I have told you I am the Messiah the proof is in my miracles

Isa. 9:6, Everlasting father, prince of peace
John 12:31, now the prince of this world will be
Ac. 5:31, as prince and savior that he might give repentance

Psalm 18:2, Lord my rock, my fortress
1 Cor. 10:4, drank from spiritual rock that rock was Christ


Isa. 40:11, He tends his flock like a shepherd
Jer. 31:10, will watch over his flock like a shepherd
Eze. 34:12, As a shepherd looks after his scattered sheep
John 10:11, the good shepherd lays down his life
1 Pe. 5:4, chief shepherd appears

Ezk. 34:29-30, raise up vine the Messiah never again go hungry nor be shamed
John 15:1, I am the true vine and my father is the gardener