All Christians make up the body of Christ. Christians who profess Christ are children of God. So if all Christians no matter how small there differences are on how to worship come together as one Church united in Spirit and Truth the power of the Holy Spirit would be incredible. Oh, what a mighty force we would become.

Satan comes to conquer and destroy and the easiest target is the church. There is so much arrogance in the church. Many churches believe they are superior in their understanding of and they put emphasis on different practices in the church. There is a division of speaking in tongues, Baptism and how it is not authentic unless one is immersed, playing instruments in the worship service is not allowed, how one should dress, going to church on Saturday only. This division causes dissention which causes pride and arrogance. Oh how Satan loves the prideful.

Catholics, Methodist’s, Lutheran’s, Seventh Day Adventist’s, Muslims, Jews, Latter Day Saints, Jehovah Witnesses, Baptist’s, Buddhist’s, Presbyterians, and all the other’s that are under the guise of religion. What these divisions are saying is that they have it all right and every other religion is wrong. This type of thinking is a division that Satan loves. It makes it so easy to conquer and divide.

The history of Jesus has been known since the written Bible. His name has been heard throughout history, or by Christians who are commanded to preach about Him in every part of the earth. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who knows, believes, understands and is open to hearing His Word…knew that He died for them, so they could have eternal life with Him in heaven?

Wouldn’t it great if all the religions and people of every nation just recognize that Jesus is the common factor in life? Nothing else matters!

Let’s pray for Revival!