Did you ever have a sudden epiphany that shakes you to the core? I was standing at the kitchen sink and felt a bolt of power that just overwhelmed me. I sort of felt weak and had to sit down to slow my thoughts down. The thoughts in my head were loud and I cried out to the Lord saying “It all came true”. My thought process took off like I was watching an old time movie. I saw myself as a child in the second grade of Catholic school telling a Nun that I wanted to be a Missionary and take care of the babies in Africa. My mind raced to a moment when I was in grade school and I was telling my mother I wanted to be a nurse. Then I found myself telling my sister I wanted to marry a pilot in the Air force. My thoughts then went to telling my Aunt Petey that I wanted to be a writer. I remembered reading her my first poem and she thought it was very good, although she was doubtful that I wrote it. My next thought was when I was begging God for a baby. I always wanted kids. I had to work at getting my son and daughter but God saw that I did give birth to them. They are the most precious kids in the world.

The amazing thing is they were just my dreams but God heard me and even though those dreams did not come about exactly the way I wanted them too…they all did come true! God’s ways are so mysterious. He answers our dreams according to the knowledge He has of us and how He wants us to use them. My dreams are all a reality now. I may not be a full time missionary in Africa, but I did go to Africa and will treasure every moment forever. My kids are both in the missionary field, and I have a ministry through my website, www.Heistheword.com. I did marry a pilot and we flew all over New Mexico and Texas while he worked as a commuter pilot for Zia Airline. He wasn’t in the Air Force but he was in the Army and he was an Air Traffic Controller. I did become a nurse when I was forty-eight years old and it was one of the most fulfilling things I ever did. And how I become a published Author is absolutely amazing to me. God allowed me to write about Him and His Word. I may not be famous or sell a lot of books, Christian poetry and prose is not a big seller, but it should be, because this book was a gift from God, and the testimony I shared in it is pretty darn amazing. My book was published in six months of writing it. The strangest thing is it was rejected many times and then a publisher, who already rejected it once, sent me a letter one month later saying they thought my book deserved a chance to be heard. Now that’s not only a God thing…that is God working His will. Wow! I am still reeling from this epiphany. Praise God, Indeed!