Gen 12:1-4

Promise to Abram – Great nation – All shall be blessed through him – Conditional on Abram leaving Haran.
    Gen 14:13 Abram a Hebrew; not a Jew.
    Gen 13:14-16 Promise of all the land & unnumbered descendants forever.
    Gen 15:5 Promise of descendants as numerous as the stars.
    Gen 17:1-7 Everlasting covenant; Abram’s name changed to Abraham; Father of many nations promised… If…
    En 17:9-1 Abraham & descendants keep covenant of circumcision as a sign forever vs.14 uncircumcised – cutoff – broke the covenant.
    Gen 17:15-21 Sarai – Abraham’s wife – name changed to Sarah; Mother of nations and kings through Isaac. Covenant maintained forever through Isaac’s descendants.
    Gen 22:16-18 Unconditional promise as result of Abraham’s obedience. [Blessings of descendants numerous as stars & sand.] Descendants shall possess gates of their enemies. [All nations blessed from Abraham’s descendants.
    Gen 24:60 Same covenant reaffirmed through Rebekah – wife of Isaac.
    Gen 25:5-6 Abraham gave all to Isaac; other offspring sent to land of the East.
    Gen 25:23 Future of 2 nations (sons) told to Rebekah Israelites & Edomites.
    Gen 26:1-5 Covenant reaffirmed to Isaac because of Abraham’s obedience & vs.: 23-24
    Gen 27:26-29 Isaac blessed Jacob with the Birthright
    Gen 28:14 Descendants will spread West, East, North, & South (Jacob in Bethel).
    Gen 32:28 Jacob’s name changed to Israel.
    Gen 35:11-12 Promise: Israel’s seed will be a nation and a company of nations. (Goodspeed: ‘a nation, or rather a company of nations’ Company = convocation; multitude; assembly; host of.)
    Gen 48:16-20 Name of ‘Israel’ given to Joseph’s sons – Ephraim and Manasseh – who would grow to teeming multitudes.
    I Chr 5:1-2 First born of Jacob, Reuben, did not inherit the birthright it was Joseph’s.
    Gen 49 Jacob (no longer called Israel) – a prophet for his twelve sons and their descendants.
    Gen 49:8-10 Only the Scepter (symbol of authority) given to Judah (Jews) see I Chr. 5:2
    Deut. 7:6-8 A chosen people to keep the oath promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob also Ps. 135:4. All tribes of Israel Chosen Ex. 19:5-6 (Ex.1:1-5; Num.1:5-16)
    Isa 43:1, 10-12 And be His witnesses His servants & Isa 44:1,21.
    Deut. 7:8 Because He loved Israel & meant to keep His promises.
    Deut. 7:9 His promises are kept for a thousand generations for those who love Him & keep Commandments Ps.105:8
    I K 11:35-36 Israel & Judah are two separate entities & Jer. 3:8,11.
    II K 16:5 Assyrians and Israelites at war against Judah.
    II K 17:18-23 Israel (10 Northern tribes) taken into captivity to Assyria (Date: circa 722 BCE)
    Deut. 4:26-27 Prediction of this long beforehand also Duet 31:16-18; Is. 48:3-5; Is. 42:9.
    Deut 28:36-64 Sent to serve other gods previously unknown to them
    Ezek 20:10-24 Why??? [[They despised ETERNAL’s laws & defiled His Sabbaths & Ezek.23:38-39, His Sanctuary.
    I K 11:13 Judah & tribe of Benjamin in Jerusalem I K. 12:20-22.
    II K 24:2,14-16 Judah taken into captivity (about 130 years after Israelites circa 586 BCE)
    Jer. 11:9-10 Why??? They reverted to the sins of their ancestors and broke the covenant
    Ezek. 23:11 Judah more depraved and worse than Samaria (Israel or 10 Northern tribes- vs. 4)
    II K. 24:3 And ETERNAL was angry.
    II Sam 7:16 But the throne of David will last forever Ps. 89:3-4,28-37
    Jer. 33:19-22 This covenant cannot be broken.
    II Chr. 36:20-23 Judah (Jews) return from exile in Babylon after 70 years.
    Ezra 1:1-11 To rebuild the Temple, All whose spirit had been roused .vs. 5
    Jer. 3:10 Returned in pretense, not sincerity.
    Is. 44:7-8 ETERNAL had made Israel an eternal people & had told them what would happen.
    Ps.1 47:19-20 ETERNAL did not reveal His statutes and judgments to any other nation.
    Is. 27:12-13 ETERNAL will regather ALL of Israel, one by one Jer. 3:14-18; Deut.30:1-5; Ezek. 20:34; Ezek. 11:17
    Jer. 10:16 Because Israel IS ETERNAL’s heritage Ps. 135:4; Deut. 7:6.
    Ex. 4:22 And is My Firstborn.
    Jer. 44:7-8 ETERNAL will, Himself, gather His flock (remnant) not one lost
    Jer. 50:6 Even though Israel has forgotten who they are Jer. 23:27.
    Ps. 83:4 Name of Israel remembered no more.
    Is. 45:20 And they pray to a god that cannot save.
    Hosea 3:4-5 The Israelites will spend a long time without King or Leader but after that, the Israelites will return and again seek ETERNAL & turn trembling in the final days
    Ezek.20:34-36 ETERNAL will judge Israel face to face.
    Is. 11:10-16 With a Second Exodus Jer.1 6:14-21; Ez.20:33-44; Mic.4:6-8; Is. 43; Zech.13:8-9
    Ezek. 20:38 Non-repentant will not enter Israel.
    Is. 58:13-14 Obey ETERNAL shall be given the heritage of Jacob.
    Joel 2:32 Call on the name of ETERNAL to be saved Micah 4:5.
    Ezek. 39:28-29 His Spirit poured out on Israel, reunited in their own country.
    Zec 12:7 Judah called back first to defend Jerusalem Zec 10:3-5.
    Ezek 37:22-24 One nation one King David II Sam 5:1-3
    Is. 14:1-2 Foreigners will be servants & slaves for Israel.
    Ezek. 44:9 No aliens living among Israelites may enter ‘My Sanctuary’.
    Ezek. 47:22-23 Foreigners who have fathered children among Israel will receive inheritance in the tribe with which he has settled.
    Isa 52:1 Unclean and uncircumcised will never defile Jerusalem again.
    Jer. 31:31-34 New covenant with Israel law written in their hearts Jer. 32:37-41; Deut.30:6-10.
    Ezek. 43:7 I ETERNAL, shall live among the Israelites forever.
    Is. 56:1-8 Others will be gathered who love ETERNAL and His laws
    Micah 4:3 Peace during the reign of ETERNAL Is. 2:4
    Zec 8:23 Many will come to learn Micah 4:2; Is. 2:2-3.
    Isa 46:10-11 ETERNAL has spoken and it shall be done, I shall do whatever I please. What I have planned, I shall perform.
    Ps. 33:11 ETERNAL’s plan stands firm forever.
    Mal.3:6-7 I, ETERNAL do not change; you have not ceased to be children of Jacob. Ever since the days of your ancestors, you have evaded My statutes and not observed them. Return to Me and I will return to you, says ETERNAL of Hosts.
    Deut 30:2-5 If you return to ETERNAL CREATOR with all your heart and soul and obey His voice then He will take pity on you and gather you back.