She was called a heroin and if you consider that she opened the door for women’s rights and was a leader in the women‘s movement,  worked hard for equal rights amendment (ERA), brought awareness and openness for women to talk about drug addiction, breast cancer, gun control, equal rights and  equal salary, then she was, indeed, a heroin. 

Betty Ford also worked endlessly to bring abortion out of the back alleys and  into the hospitals.  However, she is also responsible for the death of thousands, if not millions, of babies that have been killed in the name of pro-choice, which now allows women to have unlimited abortions, and  use abortion for irresponsible sex.  In 1973 when the United Supreme Court passed  Roe vs. Wade Betty Ford reaffirmed her pro-choice stance.  In my humble opinion she made a serious error of judgment and one day she will have to sit in judgment for that decision   If you are pro-choice you are in essence saying that is it ok to end the life of a baby.  A child that, if allowed, who would be an adult, pay taxes, more importantly, a child that God gave life to. 

When I was a child abortion was illegal, so abortions were done in back alley’s, and yes, they were unsafe.  However, that was a choice that a woman made on her own for whatever reason.  When abortion  became legal there were stipulations to those abortions.  You could not have an abortion after the first trimester (3 months).  But, you could have an abortion if you were raped, or if the baby was a threat to the mother’s life, and in some cases, for severe retardation.  For these reasons I believe abortion became pro-choice and so important for so many people.  So many of those people say “I would never have one myself”, but I think woman should have that choice.  Well what happened  then?

Here we are in 2014 and we now see millions upon millions of unborn babies being destroyed.  Many of these abortions are being done to viable babies.  There are no long stipulations for abortion.  The procedures are gruesome and when people discover how gruesome their minds are quickly changed.  If you a see a three- month old fetus on a Sonogram sucking their thumb, it is a moving experience.  We must never give in to abortion.  It is wrong and there are other ways to solve the problem.