People don’t expect that life is going to give them everything they deserve. They realize you can’t have a rainbow without any rain. They don’t have preconditions to happiness. They have hope no matter what happens or what is lost. Those that have bitterness and grudges in their heart have no space to be grateful. They know that a grateful heart takes work and does not come naturally. They have healthy thinking habits. They are flexible in their thinking. They focus on the lessons they have learned through life rather than disappointments. They define themselves by their determination and dreams, not on disappointments and regrets.

Remember the things you enjoy. Remember the gifts you have cherished and the good things you have received. Remember the hard times you have had and how far you have come. Reflect on what you what you have been given verses what you have received and what troubles you have caused. Pray prayers of gratitude. Take time to appreciate your sense of touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing. Use visual reminders to trigger your good memories of special times and places. Remember to be mindful of at least one blessing everyday. Focus on how good others have been to you. Be grateful by saying thank you and smiling everyday. Look for something to be grateful for everyday. ~~Estelle


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