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When Betty Ford Was Laid To Rest

She was called a heroin and if you consider that she opened the door for women’s rights and was a leader in the women‘s movement,  worked hard for equal rights amendment (ERA), brought awareness and openness for women to talk about drug addiction, breast cancer, gun control, equal rights and  equal salary, then she was, indeed, a heroin.  Betty Ford…

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Regarding Gun Debate

GUNS IN THE RIGHT AND WRONG HANDS ~~Estelle P. Shrum I think most people would agree that guns in the right hands are a good thing…but in the wrong hands…it’s a bad thing. But still the argument continues…WELL! I saw a movie once where only the police and military had guns. It was called “Schindler’s List.” The government told the…

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Jesus Was Given Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit

1) Wisdom – Jesus was given wisdom from His Father Abba. 2) Knowledge – Jesus had all knowledge directly from God. 3) Faith – Jesus had undying faith in His Father. 4) Gifts of Healing – Jesus healed the sick and lame. 5) Working of Miracles – Jesus performed miracles that multitudes had witnessed. 6) Prophecy – Jesus knew the…

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Does God Love All His Children?

Yes, God does love ALL His children, unconditionally…And we are commanded to love one another…”Love one another as I have loved you.” John 15:12. But He also disciplines them. For even the children of Israel were admonished and condemned for disobeying God’s Laws. Also, like a loving father God gave His children freedom to choose. If our decisions are made…

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How to be Grateful People

People don’t expect that life is going to give them everything they deserve. They realize you can’t have a rainbow without any rain. They don’t have preconditions to happiness. They have hope no matter what happens or what is lost. Those that have bitterness and grudges in their heart have no space to be grateful. They know that a grateful…

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