(894,000 people were out of electricity due to a ice storm in Georgia 2/12/14)

Yes, I have a big beautiful house with great landscaping. It is decorated with all my treasures and life time memories. There is everything I need in it – except electricity! So I lay freezing in my bed with three layers of clothing and my hat, and covered with five blankets. I have nothing to do but think about how cold I am, so I think and pray. My mind goes to the Tsunami in Japan, the floods in the Midwest, the fires in California, the Hurricanes in Florida, and the tornadoes that strike everywhere without warning, the terrorists and criminals that wage havoc on the innocent.

Then I think “Shame on me.” These folks lost everything. They had no homes, no belongings, and no treasures of their life time memories. No place to even rest their heads. Their losses were immeasurable and their suffering lasted weeks, months, and for some years, but I still feel unhappy in my situation. When I lived in Florida, Kansas, and Oklahoma I was threatened many times with tornadoes, hurricanes, freezing temperatures, going without electricity for a few days. I spent a night in a truck stop because the weather was so bad, and a time when the lightening was so bright in Nebraska that there was no visibility. I have traveled across country three times and had some pretty nightmare experiences. It was bothersome, but I managed in spite of not having the luxury of cell phones, computers, or I pads.

But there is something about being over sixty years old that limits my tolerance for discomfort. Instead of becoming stronger for all the adversities in life – I feel weaker and unhappy in suffering any loss or discomfort. Maybe is not my age – maybe it’s just about feeling helpless. It seems there are so many more tragedies, so much more sadness in the world and I can’t fix it. How does anyone get by that does not believe in God? How do they justify anything at all?