In this wonderful world we live in you are not alone. (1)
You have a creator that made you and given you a home. (2)

Through every adventure and adversity He is there to guide all of us.
He is our God, our Father, the Holy Spirit, and our Savior, Lord Jesus.

Miracles continue to happen every single day, not just in the days of old.
Every day people experience glory even those who are not believers of the fold.

God created everything made under the sun to the infinite heavens above.
He spoke all things into being and He created earth for man to dwell on with love.

What a magnificent playground we were given upon this big round blue marble.
The mountain laurel and wild bluebonnets are flowers that we can only marvel.

The mountain ridges are mysterious as they change color with the setting sun.
Kayaking the rivers and steams, and jumping over ocean waves, is so much fun.

Just walking on the beach or strolling through the forest or woods is delightful.
When you watch a bright white moon setting as the red sun is rising its insightful. (3)

This wonderland of summer, spring, winter, and fall are incredible gifts to all of us.
And the most precious gift will be when we get to heaven living an eternal life with Jesus.

You are not alone on this big earth; there are billions of people in your circumstance.
Acknowledge God in your life and you will receive his blessings and his acceptance. (4)

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