The feel, touch, and smell of letters were meant to be a keepsake to last forever. It grieves my soul for the precious era of communicating with love; joy, thankfulness, and emotion are a thing of the past. Today is the day of instant messaging, e-mailing, and tweeting, or using, My Space or Face Book. Our entire world has lost the ability of tenderly putting pen to paper. Book stores are becoming obsolete and reading the written word on paper is rare.

Sympathy cards, romantic letters, political correspondence are all passé. No longer do we write with intimacy. No longer do we put perfume on our love letters. No longer do we place a seal on the envelope that has our initial on or a special stamp. No longer does Congressman, Lawyers, Doctors, or Poets express themselves with words of passion. No longer are their personal notes written out on special writing linen paper and mailed.

I long for the beautiful flowing words that can not be relayed in the instant message. I morn for the lost of mail that was written in beautiful script by the fountain pen. What we have lost in literature can not be captured in the instant message. What we have lost is a place in time that was lovely, personal, caring, and poetic.

Our children and grandchildren will never know what it is like to hold a special letter to their heart and cry tears of joy or tears of sadness. They will not have a treasure box full letters and treasured memories. They will never understand the importance of the written word. They will never experience a letter from home or a note expressing genuine thanks.

Today all our mail is generated by computers, I-phones or I-pads. However, libraries are filled with mail from past President’s to museums that have gathered the great books and letters of our history. We must pay homage to them…for those days are gone forever.

Even now…you receive a computer generated letter…HOW SAD!