In listening to Michelle Obama’s speech and Mrs. Romney’s speech I must say they are certainly two lovely women. Perhaps one should be President and the other Vice President.

It is strange how both their stories of whom they are and where they came from, was essentially the same. Their ideals of family and country are the same. The love they have for their family and hopes and dreams are the same. The love and respect they have for their husband is the same. So I have to ask myself just why their insights are so far apart.

It seems to me the Democratic convention was basically stead-fast loyal democrats that are still smitten and in love with President Obama. So many people in the audience looked like they were in awe of everything that Mrs. Obama said. The difference in the crowds between the Republican convention and the Democratic convention was astoundingly different. Although the Republicans lacked the glow on their faces, their smiles were genuine.

As a senior citizen I have lived long enough to know that both parties tell a good story, and can make a very good case for their cause, but in the end, they are all politicians. They are not going to vote term limits for Congress, or take pay cuts to help balance the budget. However, they will want everyone else too. They will not stop spending on lavish trips, and expensive parties. Lobbyist and special interests will continue to get who they want into office. We all know Washington corrupts everyone who goes there. The few honest ones who remain in Washington are never heard from.

I will personally be so happy when this election is over. I don’t care at this point who wins it. I am a Bible believing Christian and I know that God is in control. He will put who He wants in the White House for His own divine purpose. I can only pray that God will have mercy on America for the sake of His children, and I will continue to pray for the leaders of our country, whom ever they may be. Be blessed. Stelle, www.heistheword.com