Christians are called unto the Lord Jesus Christ to follow Him.  I was called when I was four years old, but only became a “Born Again” Christian at age fifty-four.  To “follow” has several meanings…come or go after, go along, obey, pay attention, carry out fully, or understand. Jesus Christ laid His life down for you to follow Him and be saved

Those not called unto Christ are called by His adversary…the Devil, also known as Satan. It is obvious that man is not alone on this earth.  The Bible tells us that Satan was thrown down to the earth with his demon angels to deceive and discredit.  It all sounds like science fiction, but truth is stranger than fiction.  The Bible is not a theory like a lot of science.  It is a historical account of our world and the inhabitants on it, above it, and under it.  It is the “Word” of God given through inspiration to His prophets.  Adam and Even were the first humans to be created in the image of God.  They chose their destiny through pride and so will we.

I have become engrossed about Monoliths and Megaliths lately, and where they fit into the Bible. There are 140 different ancient cultures that have history of the Great Flood legend…Gilgamesh, Sumerians, Babylonians, Atlantis, Greeks, Indians, and Chinese are an example. Migration has been traced back to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea where the mountains of Ararat rise above the plains in Turkey, where the ship of Noah came to rest.  The Aztec calendar of Tenochtitlan gives history of the race as well as prophecies of the future end of this age. It reveals that the previous sun (age of the world) was destroyed by a flood and that a man and woman survived to repopulate the earth.  The prophecy on the stone revealed how the present age, known as Olin-Tonatiah, will end predicts that it will be destroyed by a great earthquake; and the movement of the earth, which is remarkable, as the book of Revelation also indicates that the last days of our present age will be characterized by a great earthquake, with the earth being jarred out of her present rotational position in orbit:

“Revelation 6:12-17”
“And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, thee was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood (great atmospheric disturbances); And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth (so it would appear from the earth if she was shaken from her present axis of rotation), even as a fig tree tosses her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wide.  And the heavens departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island was moved out of their places.”

Scientist’s are unable to explain the marvel of the earliest pyramids of Egypt.  Even modern day engineers can’t explain how 6.5 million tons of stone were quarried from far off sites and then fitted together so perfectly in the great Pyramid of Giza with such exact precision that it was found difficult to slip a piece of paper between parts of adjoining stones from the remained limestone casing.  They can’t explain the shaft that runs straight through millions of tons of stone within the pyramid that apparently had remarkable astronomical alignment with certain constellations.

Agatharcides, a Greek writer of the second century, A.D., wrote of a smaller pyramid located at the apex of the main one.  It was 1/176 the size of the larger one.  Multiplying the height of the smaller one by the entire height of the structure, and then multiplying the result by 100,000 gave the astonishing figure of 131,383,296 feet-the exact circumference of the earth!  Archaeologists’ have told us that these pyramids were built about 2400 B.C., and yet Egyptian civilization only dates back to roughly 3000 B.C.

Another monument in stone is the ruins of Tiahuanaco high up in the AndesMountains of South America near Lake Titicaca, just over the border of Peru in Bolivia.  At 13,500 feet above seal level it is much too high an altitude and location for any normal commercial center to prosper.  The Incas had no idea who built the immense structures at Tiahuanaco either.  The stone steps along at the “Temple of the Sun” weighed four to fifty tons each.  Professor Arthur Posnansky devoted nearly fifty years to the study of the ruins of Tiahuanaco and determined that it was part of an amazing astronomical arrangement for finding the solstices and months of the years.  So accurately were built that “careful measures with micrometer gauges and other modern instruments showed that nowhere was there a variation of more than one fiftieth of an inch from true while the straight edges of the carvings showed no unevenness when steel rule was place upon them.

Evolutionist have no method to date these ruins, as we have seen from Gowlett sites that are less than 300,000 years old are too young to date by potassium-argon and uranium lead methods, the other method used to measure ancient human settlements (besides stone tools) is Carbon-14, which is extremely inaccurate.

The only explanation for these cultures and for the tremendous monolithic building projects found all over the world is that there was once a highly advanced civilization that had technical skills far beyond anything that we have an knowledge of today who produced these monuments, a remnant civilization left over from the before the Flood of Noah itself.  Modern scholars still wonder how the Mayans had the moon’s orbit calculated to 53,059/100,000 of a day, since they had not fractions.  Their calendar went back at least 400 million years!  Their history begins at roughly the same time as Egyptian history, 3113 B.C., right after the Bible say the flood occurred.

Although the Mayans had a most advanced system of writing when the Spanish discovered them, even at the time their culture was in a state of decadence, showing that their civilization was not a development, but a legacy inherited from their more advanced ancestors.

Twelve Reasons to Discredit Ancient Construction:
1.  Size of the Monoliths
We don’t use large components in modern construction because there are no known methods for manufacturing and using them on such a massive scale.  The second problem is transportation.  We could not even begin to tackle such massive construction projects.  A study on the Great Pyramid determined that modern construction techniques were not only inadequate to build this structure, but it could not even be torn down.  Primitive labor using wooden rollers, crude ropes, and mud ramps did not move these giants.

2.  No Tools
The ancient cultures literally had no tools that were capable of cutting or finishing the components.  Copper was the only metal associated with megalithic cultures.  There are no copper masonry tools in modern culture and no one used copper tools to shape even the softest of the monoliths.  Rock tools are little more than useless.

3.  No Wheels
In ancient cultures wheels did not exist.  No wheels, no carts, no pulleys, and no cranes.  This is why, when experts depict ancient construction projects, they always show thousands of slaves dragging giant blocks over the ground or up mud ramps.

4.  Random Shapes of the Blocks
Many of the world’s megaliths are constructed with blocks that are literally cut to fit perfectly into totally random patterns.  Sometimes this is done over hundreds of feet of precisely fitted walls or throughout entire massive complexes.  These blocks were  monoliths of a ton or more with as many as twelve separate edges cut to perfection.

5.  Quarry locations.
In many cases the blocks were quarried not just miles, but hundreds of miles away, across continents, and even oceans.  Sometimes the blocks had to be ferried across rivers, where no barges big enough to carry them or cranes to lift them existed.  At times, structures were built on high mountains from material quarried from other peaks. This required lowering massive blocks down one peak and dragging them up another.

6.  Joints in Structures
An amazing aspect is many structures are fit so well together they required no mortar and have not shifted a millimeter over thousands of years of existence.  Seams are found so tight that a razor blade cannot be slipped between neighboring components.  In one case where adhesive was used, in the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt, the adhesive itself proved to be an anomaly.  When tested for composition, it was found not to contain any of the 65,000 known substances on Earth.   After at least 4700 years, the adhesive is still perfectly binding the 2.5 million blocks to which it was applied. The experts don¹t even try to theorize about this.   The intentional 1/50th of an inch gap engineered into each of the more than 15 million cuts to accommodate the adhesive is conveniently ignored.

7.  Angles and Squares
The Precise right angles, areas of thousands of feet laid out in perfect square, and difficult angles repeated flawlessly, countless times are the rule rather than the exception.  All this requiring complex mathematical knowledge, not even discovered until the structures themselves are thousands of years old.

8.     Plumb and Level
Plumb is vertical alignment and level horizontal.  Accuracy in either one of these aspects, without the use of sophisticated tools is impossible to attain in megalithic or any large construction.  Miscalculations of fractions of an inch at one point can mean mistakes of many feet at another.

9.      Materials
Gargantuan blocks were supposedly dragged for miles, when usable material quarry sites were available mere yards from the construction site.  Harder stones were used when softer materials were easily accessible, without regard to weight, or difficulty of forming harder and heavier materials.

10.    Alignments
Many monoliths and megaliths are aligned to the movements of the sun, the moon, and even the stars.  Many are aligned to other structures on the globe, or points obviously unknown to the ascribed primitive builders, who didn’t even have a compass.  The ancients often say they were aligned that way because the true builders came from those stars.  This, of course, is quickly dispatched into the “religious myths” slot.

11.  Records and Plans
Even with the advent of computer design programs, reams of drawings, records, and specifications are still required for even minor construction projects.  This of course is impossible in a culture that didn’t even have a written language, but why were their no drawings, or any type of records for such massive projects?  And, why is this true at virtually all the thousands of monoliths and megaliths around the world?

12.     The Enigma of Regression of Knowledge
Perhaps the most perplexing aspect of ancient construction is the absence of progress either before or after.  There is no evidence that there was an evolution of construction knowledge before these advanced construction projects took place.  No lesser structures are in evidence before massive structures suddenly appear with obvious unbelievable success.

CONCLUSION – Please allow me to simplify this
(Genesis 1:31)  When God created the heaven and earth He said it was very good.

(Genesis 2:17)  Then man sinned out of pride by choosing to know good and evil going against God’s command.

(Genesis 6:1-7) The Bible and history tells us there were giants on the earth before the great flood.  They were referred as the sons of God.  We are also told these sons of God saw the daughters of men were fair and took them as wives.  The wickedness that developed after the fall of Adam and Eve continued through all mankind with the exception of Noah, his wife, his sons, and sons’ wives were saved through their obedience, trust and good heart.  Noah was six hundred years old when the flood waters were upon the earth.  Noah lived nine hundred and fifty years before he died.

So who were these giants and where did they come from?  The Bible does not fully answer this question.  However sons of God are referred to as angels throughout the Bible.  We know when the war of principalities in heaven took place that Satan and his angels were thrown down to the earth.  We know the sons of God mated with the women of the earth.  There are many Scriptures inferring that angels could mate if they chose to.  I believe Satan’s angels’ did mate and produced the giants who built the monoliths and megaliths that abound throughout the earth in praise to their god, Satan.  Many believe they could have been built by extraterrestrials…in a way they were.  I call them the giants.  They actually were from outer space and were not of this earth. We know angels have wings…we know they can appear when summoned.  We know there were good and bad angels.  We know the giants on the earth were a master race of some sort.  We know God tells us there was a war in heaven between the darkness of principalities and His creations.

With the exception of Noah and his family the flood destroyed all evil people as well as the giants.  However, that was not the end of man or Satan’s angels, or the monoliths and megaliths…they remain for a testimony of life before the flood and why God had to destroy it.  Throughout the history of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation God calls His children unto Himself. It is apparent people will believe in anything except what stares them in the face.

”Follow Me” He says.  Will man ever listen?  (Ephesians 6:12) -“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

~~Estelle P. Shrum