Dear Atheist,

Why do you believe that all of creation was created by nothing? Why do you reject a Supreme Being with intelligence, a Spirit that is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient? A Spirit that is far greater than yourself, who created everything seen and not seen? Is it so much easier to believe that everything came from nothing?

Human beings are so complicated. We have a spiritual dimension. Our chemical make-up is beyond imagination, and yet no one can explain where the atom came from. The smartest man in the world, Albert Einstein, was the only man and he only used 20% of his brain power. Man’s written history only dates back six thousand years, yet there are those who accept the earth as billions of years old. Why would it have taken so long for man to evolve? All the artifacts found buried over the generations only prove that the earth aged and the terrain from floods, fires, and earthquakes only prove that everything became buried and fossilized. It does not prove that man came from apes. I believe the missing link will always be missing.

We know so little about the earth. We can’t even give a good guess on how the monoliths and megaliths were built or who built them. We don’t know why gravity holds the planets together or why the earth spins at a precise speed to sustain life. We can’t even begin to imagine the size of the universe or count the stars. However, we can measure man’s accomplishments over the past six thousand years. It seems that man’s nature has never improved. We struggle with the same principles of greed, jealously, anger, fear, pride, lust, a lying tongue, hypocrisy, and arrogance. But what we do know  far out weights what we do not know.

The Bible tells us so much more than scientist’s can explain. It is sad that the only book which has survived every derelict generation is not accepted as the sole source of man’s existence. But then, again, the Bible explains that too.

~~Estelle P. Shrum