Teach your children of the rewards of heaven and the condemnation of hell.
Keep them under the shelter of the Lord’s wing so they will not rebel.

We are losing our children to worldly desires that are evil in nature.
We must guide them through the perils of life and monitor their behavior.

Parents are derelict in training their children to respect the life God gave them.
They, too, are guilty when their kids run wild causing havoc and mayhem.

Teach your children that man does not live by bread alone.
Teach them that when they sin they will need to atone.

Teach them that God is the beginning, the last, and the first.
Teach them if they trust in Him they will never thirst.

Teach them to understand the Bible and be able to answer their question.
Be prepared to instruct, admonish, rebuke, with prayerful intercession.

I am not a scholar, a scientist, geologist, or archeologist.
I am a beloved child of God and a biblical apologist.

~~Estelle P. Shrum