Jesus was with the Father when God created all that was and all that will ever be. He was born a man but He knew God was His heavenly Father, and when He was twelve years old He studied the Torah in the temple. He knew he had to be learned in the written Word of His Father. He knew He had a mission. He knew that sin was the penalty of death. He knew pain and heartache. He knew temptation and deep sorrow. He wept with compassion for those who mourned Lazarus when he died. He knew God would give Him the power and majesty to work miracles. He knew He would die on the cross so all God’s children could be saved.

What Jesus did not know was the time and date of His return. He trusted completely in God the Father. Many people believe that because we are not divine or holy we can’t even come close to being like Jesus. Granted we are not divine or holy, but we can emulate the life of Jesus. We can do battle with the Prince of darkness by not allowing him to control our minds. We can trust fully in God the Father, Jesus the Son, and in the Holy Spirit. We can control our thoughts, words, and deeds by hanging onto the hem of Jesus. ~~Estelle P. Shrum