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Used to be this…Used to be that!

USED TO BE THIS – USED TO BE THAT! I used to be this and I used to be that. But I am no longer this and no longer that. I used to be carefree and go with the flow Now the flow is a trickle. I used to feel young and easy to please. Now being easy to please…

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Sometimes I need solitude and a better attitude. Sometimes I need more gratitude and fortitude. Sometimes I feel down and out and degraded. Sometimes I fee confused, angry, and underrated. Sometime I feel shattered, scattered, and battered. Sometimes I need to be appreciated and flattered. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child. Sometimes I feel my imagination runs wild. Sometimes…

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What Did Jesus Know?

Jesus was with the Father when God created all that was and all that will ever be. He was born a man but He knew God was His heavenly Father, and when He was twelve years old He studied the Torah in the temple. He knew he had to be learned in the written Word of His Father. He knew…

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