FYI…~~Estelle P. Shrum

In every country with a Muslim majority, there are no minority rights!  And there is a reason for that.


Think long a hard…most of all pray before you cast your vote to fight for a cause that is not a threat to America…BUT will become one very soon after we take the initiative to strike Syria.  Also, remember that both sides fighting in Syria hates America.  We are being told the majority of those fighting are for freedom. Think about Viet Nam, Iraq, (two wars) and how many are better off now.  Think about Afghanistan (they are no better off).  Think about how the Muslim Brotherhood are adamant believers in Sharia Law…think about 9/11…think about the lost of our father’s, brother’s and son’s that died in vain in all these lost causes.  Many think it’s republicans that always call for war…but the truth is it’ the progressives and the bleeding heart liberals.  How many of them that call for war has lost their sons and daughter’s.  We have a President who says America is not “Exceptional.” So let him make an executive decision like he is threatening to do.  He needs to lead this country not devalue it. Most all remember there is no such thing as a minimal strike or a controlled war.  We are still fighting two wars…and all the ones at home…Think about this too…

Our Foreign Aid is a disaster

Our IRS is a disaster

Our Welfare Program is a disaster

Our Food Stamp Program is a disaster (1-6) people collecting food stamps

Our government spending is a disaster

Our Social Security is a disaster

Our Health Care will be a disaster