Jesus came to die for all his children out of love. (1)
He gives everyone sun shine and rain from above. (2)

Jesus ate with sinners and preached to those of ill reputation. (3)
He came to heal lost souls and save sinners from damnation. (4)

Jesus does not differentiate between man woman and child.
He loves the faithful servant as well as those who are reviled.

Jesus said go and sin no more and show love for one another. (5)
He said those without sin could cast the first stone on his brother. (6)

Jesus knows we are born with original sin through Adam and Eve. (7)
He came to earth to lay down his life for us so that we may believe. (8)

Jesus came to teach us how to live and show respect to one another. (9)
He came to unharden the hearts of sinners so we will love each other. (10)

Jesus does not discriminate between the servant and the slave.
He wants no one to be lost to Him; He wants us all to be saved. (11)

Jesus cannot accept sin, nor should anyone who follows His teaching. (12)
We must separate from sin but not the sinner and follow Jesus’ preaching. (13)

By Estelle P. Shrum

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