“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” Genesis 1:1

The Bible says that God created heaven and earth in the first sentence. (1)
The Word tells us that everything He made was through His transcendence.

The sun rises and sets in a twenty-four hour span.  (2)
This is by God’s design and plan for man.

The ocean depths and tides create gases to allow civilization.  (3)
The stars and constellations were mapped for man’s navigation.  (4)

The planets are set in perfect rotation and precision.
The galaxies are placed in the universe without collision.

The rain drops and clouds smother the earth by the Lord’s command.  (5)
The Lord speaks and the snow falls in great drifts covering the land.  (6)

The earth spins at one thousand miles an hour that supports existence.
The sun and moon make life on earth possible through its precise distance. (7)

The surface of the earth’s temperatures creates seasons and allows life to walk upon it. (8)
The earth orbits around the sun at sixty-five thousand miles an hour by God’s spirit

The scientists tell us life is the happenstance of evolution.
The Bible tells us that God is truth and He is not an illusion. (9)

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